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Zebra Blinds

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“Experience the perfect blend of light control and style with our Zebra Blinds. Crafted from premium fabric, these blinds offer a unique design that alternates sheer and opaque stripes, allowing you to adjust the amount of light and privacy with a simple pull. Their sleek and modern appearance complements any decor, making them a versatile choice for every room. Durable and easy to maintain, these blinds are a practical and elegant addition to your home.”


A distinctive look that makes a statement, this revolutionary sheer shade adds personality to any room. These zebra shades are made with two pieces of fabric, which both have alternating panels/bands. When the bands on both pieces of fabric are matched together, you get the look of horizontal blinds when open, including an outside view and natural light filtering into the room. To block the light and increase your privacy, you simply rotate the fabric so the solid colour bands fill the entire shade, looking for a traditional roller shade. Choose from 19 colours and patterns to match any decor.

  • Hardware colours will be matched to the fabric accordingly. They are White, Black, Espresso, Alabaster, and Anodized Aluminum.
  • Colour-coordinated fabric-insert cassette.
  • Please specify ceiling or wall mount installation brackets.
  • Available in motorized lift system.
  • Motorized Wand
  • Continuous Cord Loop – Chain Guard System


Motorized Blinds with USB-C Charging
● Advanced Motorization: Smooth, quiet adjustment with a touch of a button.
● USB-C Charging: State-of-the-art, fast and efficient charging system.
● Remote Control Requirements: One remote is needed per order.
● 5-Channel Remote: Operates up to 5 blinds simultaneously within the same room.
● Remote Range: Effective up to approximately 75 feet.
● Rechargeable Battery System: Includes built-in battery and one wall charger per order.
● Battery Life: Lasts up to 6 months per charge (varies with use).
● Pre-Programmed Remote: Ready to use with your motorized shade.
● Style Options: Available in various designs and fabrics to suit any decor.
● Effortless Luxury: Combines elegance with user-friendly technology.

Solar-Powered Motorized Blinds
● Eco-Friendly Power: Harnesses solar energy to power the motorized mechanism.
● Solar Panel Integration: Efficient solar panels are discreetly integrated into the design.
● Autonomous Operation: No need for manual charging or electrical power sources.
● Remote Control Included: One remote per order, capable of controlling multiple blinds.
● 5-Channel Remote Functionality: Manage up to 5 blinds simultaneously within the same room.
● Extended Remote Range: Operates effectively up to approximately 75 feet.
● Long-Lasting Battery: Durable battery life, sustained by solar power (varies based on sunlight exposure).
● Pre-Programmed Remote: Ready for immediate use with your motorized shade.
● Variety of Styles: Available in multiple designs and fabrics to match any interior.
● Innovative Convenience: Combines sustainable energy with modern convenience and style.


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Download PDF

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STRANGULATION HAZARD — Young children can be strangled by cords. Immediately remove this product if a cord longer than 22 cm or a loop exceeding 44 cm around becomes accessible.